Book Covers: How do you design a cover that makes readers buy?

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The cover of your book (along with it’s title) is the first impression that readers get of your book. A compelling cover is an essential ingredient that helps drive a purchase decisions. Discover tips of the top writing masters on how to create a book cover that sells.

How do you design a book cover?

Designing a book cover can be a scary step in the publishing process. While it’s always a great idea to hire a professional to design your cover art, it’s important to know the elements and format of a good book cover.

This episode of Lulu University will explore what makes a good book cover, examples of great Lulu covers, and formatting information like full bleed and spine width.

Books Covers – Understanding Design Basics

Face it, we all judge books by their covers! That’s why you need to have a well-designed cover to market your book properly. We always recommend hiring a professional for this part of the process, but if you’re not quite ready, check out these simple design basics to get started.

Author Level Up discusses the 3 key elements of a book cover in this short video.

Recommended Tools for Book Cover Design

This video by Self Publishing Formula, takes you through some of the most recommended tools that can be used for creating your book cover design.

Outsourcing Book Cover Design

Hiring professional book cover designers can be expensive. Fiverr presents one of the most cost effective platforms by which you can find good quality book cover designers at a reasonable cost. But you need to know what you are doing, in order to make sure that you are truly working with a professional designer.

This video by Self Publishing School takes you through some key tips on using Fiverr to find professional book cover designers.

Recommended Books on Book Cover Design

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