Common writer struggles and how to overcome them

Common Writer Struggles

There are a number of challenges and struggles that virtually all writers (including the most established ones) have to deal with in the process of writing their book. This blog shares the tips of Top Writing Professionals on how to best deal with these common writing struggles.

Being an Author – What they Don’t Tell You

An author’s life is not as glamorous as perceived from the outside. Chris Fox takes you through the author’s life and ‘what they don’t tell you!”.

Common write struggles and how to overcome them

There are some common writing struggles that most authors deal with. In this video by Author Level Up, discover what these common struggles are and how you can best mitigate them.

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can be the death of inspiration and even a book for many authors. Knowing how to get rid of writer’s block is essential if you want to make progress and FINISH your book—and fast. This video by Self Publishing School will help you overcome this common obstacle that all writers inevitably have to overcome.


Comparisonitis, or the tendency to compare your work with others, is a common problem faced by many authors. The Creative Penn takes you through this common problem and how to deal with it.

Fear of Judgement

We all fear being judged. This fear is especially strong for authors who put their perspectives on paper. The Creative Penn explains how to deal with your fear of being judged.


Self-doubt is yet another common fear that paralyses a number of authors. In this video, the Creative Penn explains how you can better deal with self-doubt.


Writers often suffer from burn-out and can’t muster the will to move ahead. In this video, Chris Fox tells you how to best deal with burn-out as an author.

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