How to Edit your Book – The 3 stages of Editing & how to work with a Professional Editor

Book Editing Process

The quality of your editing is an important credibility signal for your readers. This blog post takes you through the different stages of editing, why each stage is important and why it is highly recommended that you work with a professional editor (as compared to DIY Editing).

An overview of the book editing process

Book Launchers provide a quick overview of the 3 different types of editors and what you can expect each editor to do when editing your book.

Developmental Editing

Is developmental editing worth it? As one of the most expensive edits you can buy, a developmental edit is about structuring your story so it has the biggest impact. In this video, Author Level Up explores what a developmental edit is, what to expect, and how to determine if you need one in the first place.

Copy Editing

If you’re an author self publishing a book, hiring a copy editor will ensure you are producing a professional product. But, where do you find a good one, how much will it cost, and how do you sort through the list and find a great one to work with? This video by Book Launchers, walks you through all you need to know.

Working with Professional Editors

The Creative Penn shares her indepth experience of working with professional editors, giving you key insights to better make use of the professional editors that you choose to work with.

Key Tips for Self Editing

Editing is incredibly important in self-publishing, so we recommend always hiring a professional if you can afford to do so. If not, this video by Lulu press shares 6 great practices for editing your own work.

Recommended Books on Editing

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