The 7 Chakra’s

A beginners summary of the 7 energy chakra’s of our body.

Root Chakra

  • Location: base of the spine
  • Foundation: Stability, Structure, Security, Safety, Survival
  • Yoga Pose: Tree Pose
  • Mudra: index finger & touching it to thumb
  • When open: feel grounded, have a sense of ease, less worries
  • When closed: fears, anxiety

Sacral Chakra

  • Location: just above genitals
  • Foundation: Creativity & Sexuality
  • Yoga position: Goddess Pose
  • Mudra: Placing palm on palm
  • When open: feelings of passion, openess, creativity & fullfilment
  • When closed: low libido, lack of creativity, lack of inspiration, isolation, OCDs

Solar Plexus

  • Location: between naval and ribcage
  • Foundation: wisdom & power
  • Yoga position: Warrior Pose
  • Mudra: Hands between heart & stomach, crossing thumbs and fingers touching
  • When open: confidence, drive, ambition, positive self-image
  • When closed: low self-esteem, lack of direction, indecisiveness, inferiority

Heart Chakra

  • Location: above heart
  • Foundation: love & healing … chakra where physical meets spirituality
  • Yoga position: Camel Pose
  • Mudra: Touching index and thumb .. right hand at the heart center, left hand on the left knee
  • When open: love & compassion, peace, tolerance
  • When closed: grief, intolerance, hatred, trust issues

Throat Chakra

  • Location: base of neck
  • Foundation: communication
  • Yoga position: Shoulder Stand
  • Mudra: interlacing hands next to stomach, thumbs touch
  • When open: good communication, speaking truth, good listening skills
  • When closed: being misunderstood, lack of focus, dishonesty, being secretive

Third eye chakra

  • Location: between eyebrows.
  • Foundation: awareness, intuition, spirituality, wisdom, insight
  • Yoga position: Downward dog
  • Mudra: middle fingers touching up, others bent at the first joint
  • When open: intuition, clear vision, clarity of thoughts
  • When closed: poor judgement, lack of imagination, lack of foresight

Crown Chakra

  • Location: crown of head
  • Foundation: spirituality, cosmic energy, expansiveness
  • Yoga position: head stand
  • Mudra: hands intelaced at stomach, with pinkies pointed up
  • When open: faith, universal love, alignment, awareness, more than self
  • When closed: earth attachment, psychological problems

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