The Top Online Courses on Writing

A compilation of the top online courses that can help improve your writing skills.

Learn the step-by-step process for turning ideas into page-turning novels. Best-selling author Dan Brown will show you his secrets and various methods of researching like a pro, crafting characters, and sustaining suspense all the way to a dramatic surprise ending.

Learn the rules of drama and the nuances of dialogue by enrolling in the David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing course. Pulitzer Prize-winning writer David Mamet will give you the tools you need in order to develop your authentic voice, and he’ll show you how drama functions as a form of myth, as well as the ways in which it enlightens the complexities of humanity.

James Patterson Teaches Writing

Taught By: James Patterson

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Learn the tricks of the trade with James Patterson’s Writing course. This author of 19 consecutive No. 1 New York Times bestsellers is willing to reveal his writing process, as well as show you how to recognize a great idea, develop plotlines that keep readers wanting more, and help you get into the proper mindset in order to write your first best-seller.

Judy Blume Teaches Writing

Taught By: Judy Blume

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Learn how to authentically relate to younger readers and gain insight into the writing process with the Judy Blume Teaches Writing course. Award-winning author Judy Blume will show you how to invent vivid characters, identify and develop strong ideas, write realistic dialogue, and turn your experiences into stories that people will love.

Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

Taught By: Malcom Gladwell

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In the Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing course, world-renowned storyteller and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell teaches you how to use the element of surprise, guessing games, and suspense to invite readers into your story. Furthermore, throughout the course, you will learn how to find, research, and write stories that capture big ideas.

Explore Margaret Atwood’s creative process for developing ideas into novels. Man Booker Prize-winning author Margaret Atwood will show you how to create amazing plots by studying myths, fairy tales, and other historical works of literature, as well as how to use dialogue to reveal character and story.

Learn how to improve the quality of your writing within weeks! Ex-Wall Street Journal editor Shani Raja will teach you how to keep your writing clear and to the point, yet highly professional and intriguing. This well-thought-out course will bring your writing to a whole new level, as Shani makes sure to cover all the key points related to improving your writing style.

Creative Writing

Taught By: Wesleyan University

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Enrol in the Creative Writing course and learn all there is to know about short story writing, fiction writing, and copy editing. Assistant Professor of Creative Writing Brando Skyhorse, Scholar in Creative Writing Amity Gaige, Professor of English Salvatore Scibona, and Distinguished University Writer Amy Bloom will help you master the techniques of some of the best writers in the world.

In the Writing With Impact course, learn how to attract thousands of readers to your blog by writing interesting, shareable posts. Cambridge University writing tutor and professional copywriter Clare Lynch will help you to find your creative voice and show you how to write in a way that inspires people to keep reading your content.

Take your writing skills to a whole new level with the Ninja Writing course. Ex-Wall Street Journal editor Shani Raja will teach you how to tap into the power of the four levels of writing — narrative, paragraphs, sentences, and words — thus turning yourself into a masterful writer within a matter of days.

In the Secret Sauce of Great Writing course, ex-Wall Street Journal editor Shani Raja teaches you how to apply the key concepts of simplicity, clarity, and elegance in order to become an influential writer. Learn how to improve your writing by applying for this highly recommended course.

Advanced Writing

Taught By: University of California, Irvine

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Learn how to effectively plan and write sophisticated essays, identify plagiarism and how to prevent it with the Advanced Writing course. With the help of instructors Tamy Chapman, Brad Gilpin, and Helen Nam, you will gain insight into how to make connections between several articles, use sources effectively, and form thesis statements from your readings.

Learn proven methods that will help unleash your creativity and ultimately generate best-selling, high-concept books and movie ideas. International Bestselling Author, Screenwriter & Story Coach, Jessica Brody, teaches each student the four secret ingredients of every high-concept idea that are sure to make you a successful writer.

This course that will help you use Amazon Kindle short reads to target more categories, keywords, and readers. Author and business mentor Geoff Shaw teaches you how to succeed in writing Kindle Short Reads and enjoy the accompanying freedom, income and financial stability of a passive income stream.

This course will teach you how to build a profitable business publishing books on Amazon by finding easy niches to target. Author and business mentor Geoff Shaw has been a successful Internet marketer for over 20 years and has helped countless people succeed in their business. You will learn the process of researching markets and how to choose the best ones to target.

In the Kindle Launch Plan course, entrepreneur and accomplished author Nick Loper teaches you invaluable launch strategies that will help propel your Kindle book to the top of the Amazon charts. The course goes beyond just launch strategies, including other key Amazon publishing tips such as how to write an incredible book description that’s sure to make your book sell.

Taught by instructor Steve McDonald, this course teaches you the essentials of writing, formatting, marketing, outsourcing, self-publishing, and selling eBooks on Amazon. Furthermore, Steve even goes the extra mile to teach you how to find an amazing topic for your book that you’ll enjoy writing.

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