Top 3 Voice Training Courses on Udemy

Your voice and how well you use it, has a big impact on how others perceive you. In this blog post, we discuss some of the best online training courses that can help you master the use of your voice.

The following are the top online courses on Udemy that can help you master the use of your voice.

Voice Training – 30-Days to a More Confident Powerful Voice

A 30-day masterclass created by Peter Baker (a UK-based voice over coach, former BBC announcer and the voice on thousands of commercials, training films and more). Peter Baker has almost 40 years of experience in voice training, and this is the most popular course for voice training on Udemy.

The course aims to help you

  • Develop a more rich, confident and authoritative voice within 30 days
  • Retain your listener’s attention and keep them more engaged
  • Make more powerful speeches that will make your audience want to listen to every word
  • Create videos that better connect with your audience and force them to take action

The course comprises 35 lectures, with 5 hours of video content and additional downloadable material.

Voice Training – Develop A Deeper Voice in 7 Days or Less!

A focused course by Peter Baker ((a UK-based voice over coach, former BBC announcer and the voice on thousands of commercials, training films and more) that has a greater emphasis on developing a deeper voice. As compared to his Masterclass above, this course is more beneficial for people that are specifically seeking to deepen their voice.

The course will help you

  • Discover how our voice is created, and how you can feel the vibrations and resonances in your own body to deepen your voice
  • Daily exercises to ‘unlearn’ any bad speech habits and gain new confidence
  • A proven 7-day plan to deepen your voice that works
  • A list of exercises to help you deepen your voice, that includes a downloadable pdf

Spread over 7 days, this course includes 24 lectures, 2.5 hours of video content and additional downloadable resources.

Practical Voice Training: The Complete Package

Developed by Linda Taimre (an experienced instructor and coach, who combines voice training with psychology), the Practical Voice Training Course will help you

  • Become more engaging when you speak, drawing people to listen to you
  • Speak with a clearer, stronger voice
  • Unlock the natural potential of your own voice and your vocal influence
  • Be heard and understood in group conversations
  • Speak for longer and louder with less vocal tiredness and strain
  • Learn practical voice exercises that actually work

What makes this course unique, is the way Linda combines psychology and voice training in order to develop your voice. Psychology plays a major role in the manner in which you speak, and this is something which is well addressed in this course.

The course comprises 31 lectures spread across 2 hours of video content.

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