Top Online Courses on Money & Financial Freedom

A compilation of the top online courses that can help you get better control over your money and achieve financial freedom.

The 4-Hour Life

Taught By: Tim Ferriss

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Learn how to become healthy, wealthy, and wise by enrolling in the 4-Hour Life course. New York Times Bestselling author Tim Ferriss will introduce you to a new holistic life strategy and teach you the lessons, principles, and hacks that got him to where he is today.

Zero To Millionaire

Taught By: Harv Eker

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Discover 6 proven principles that will make you rich with the Zero to Millionaire course. Best-selling author T. Harv Eker will show you how to identify and eliminate the things that are consequently preventing you from success, as well as specific strategies that will actually produce real wealth in your life.

Discover how you can reach your potential as a network marketer and achieve financial freedom. Dr. John C. Maxwell is a leadership expert that will help you take your first step toward personal growth and development by giving you practical and actionable advice on how to take what you learn in the classroom into the field.

Financial Peace University

Taught By: Dave Ramsey

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Take control of your money, plan for your future, and transform your life with the Financial Peace University course. Financial advisor Dave Ramsey will teach you how to get out of debt, build wealth, and completely leave money stress behind, allowing you to live a blissful life.

In this course, KC Tan demonstrates how it is possible to make money through Clickbank, without even having your own website. The course is well structured with practical tips on how to quickly start earning on clickbank using SEO pay-per-click, landing pages and even Facebook.

Fasttrack To Freedom

Taught By: Harv Eker

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The Fasttrack to Freedom course teaches you how to achieve financial freedom in record time. Best-selling author T. Harv Eker will give you the proven 8-step formula that will put you on the fast track to financial success. Upon completion, you’ll even have your very own step-by-step blueprint for achieving financial freedom quickly.

An indepth course by the SEO Academy, on how to build and drive traffic to profitable Amazon Affiliate marketing sites. The course takes you through the following steps that are essential to suceed – niche & keyword research, link building, silo architecture and SEO in wordpress.

The Core Four of Personal Finance course will teach you how to identify the core four principles of personal finance. During the course, you will learn how to manage your debt, how to earn money, find the best monthly budget tool is and understand the difference between renting a home versus owning it.

Acorns’ Guide To Personal Finance

Taught By: Jennifer Barrett

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Learn the five steps to building wealth with the Acorns’ Guide to Personal Finance course. You will gain insight into how to calculate your net worth, how to set goals for yourself, pay off debt, save money, and invest in the right stocks and bonds. Furthermore, Jennifer Barrett will show you how to build a low-maintenance portfolio that will help you build wealth.

This Niche Site Creations course provides a step-by-step guide on how to choose a profitable niche and start making money with a niche website. The goal is to be able to target profitable niche products, set up a successful website, and make a profit through Amazon and Clickbank products.

Behavioral Finance

Taught By: Duke University

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Become an expert decision-maker with the Behavioral Finance course. Economics Professor Emma Rasiel will show you how to make decisions like a professional by teaching you all about behavioral finance, cognitive bias, and behavioral economics. Additionally, by the end of the course, you will improve your future spending, saving, and investing decisions.

Managing Your Money: Mba Insights For Undergraduates

Taught By: University of California, Irvine

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Learn about the principles of managerial economics by enrolling in the Managing your Money course. Professor at Paul Merage School of Business Dr. Peter Navarro goes above and beyond to teach his students all about money management, entrepreneurship, and general management, as well as career and life planning.

Principles Of Valuation: Time Value Of Money

Taught By: University of Michigan

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Enroll in the Principles of Valuation course and improve your Microsoft Excel, accounting, and finance skills. Professor of Finance and Business Administration Gautam Kaul will help you gain an understanding of alternative valuation criteria commonly used in the real world, including NPV, IRR, Profitability, etc.

Plenty of people are interested in starting their own home-based business in order to make a passive income. The problem is that they don’t know where to start. In this course, business coach Alex Genadinik will teach you how to generate an income using promotional strategies that actually work. If you need guidance on how to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing, this course is for you.

In the Complete Personal Finance course, Chris Haroun will teach you how to become a personal finance expert. Learn how to save, protect and skyrocket your net worth. By the end of the course, you will also learn how to successfully invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, and real estate.

The Personal Finance Masterclass will teach you how to save more, invest smarter, reduce loans, and retire earlier. You’ll learn how to create a smart budget, as well as how to increase your income with a promotion, new job, or side hustle. Moreover, Phil Ebiner will teach you how to reduce your loans and credit card debts.

In this course, the digital marketing company “Skill Pride” will teach you the strategies of affiliate marketing. You’ll find out how to make a quick and easy profit by selling other people’s products, and without spending your own money getting started. The best thing is that all you need is an Internet connection and a hunger for knowledge.

Master the art of direct selling and network marketing, and get recognized for your professionalism and knowledge with the Certified Network Marketer course. Sandor Kiss will teach you all you need to know about how to avoid common pitfalls and maximize your effectiveness and income, as well as how to make more money by generating residual and passive income.

If you want to learn how to generate extra income online by using affiliate marketing, this “Master It” course is perfect for you. This is by no means a “get rich quick” course, but rather a guide on how to successfully earn money online. By the end of it, you will have all the knowledge you need to become a “super affiliate.”

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