Business Model You: A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career

Business Model You

Authors: Tim Clark,Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur

The authors of Business Model You give you a highly effective approach to the modern dynamic business environment. Their business model will change your thinking, give you new skills with which you can approach any marketplace and make way for you to revolutionize it, so you can guarantee success in your personal and professional life.

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Quotes from Business Model You

Dream jobs are more often created than found , so they’re rarely attainable through conventional searches. Creating one requires strong self-knowledge.

It’s amazing how many professional possibilities appear when you use value and purpose – rather than skills – as starting point for reinventing your career.

Fortune-seekers can rarely sustain their passion through the hard times. Successful enterprises are laser-focused on Value Provided to Customers. Entrepreneurship is not about you; it’s about effectively serving others.

New business models are altering workplaces everywhere, in for-profit and nonprofit sectors alike. Enterprises must constantly evaluate and change their business models to survive.

Timothy Clark – Author – Business Model You

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