I’m OK – You’re OK

I'm Ok, You're Ok

Authors: Thomas A. Harris,


During childhood, we relied on our parents for comfort and care. But with time, we started identifying our feelings in relation to how others feel. Harris shows you how you can come out of this trap and communicate with the world like an adult who has control over childlike emotions and is able to effectively give the comfort of a parent.

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Changes That Heal

Changes That Heal: The Four Shifts That Make Everything Better And That Anyone Can Do

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Dr. Cloud will introduce you to four guaranteed healing strategies. Bond with each other, develop an identity of your own, filter out the bad in your own life and in the lives that you touch, and finally, become an adult. Once you’ve mastered these habits, your life is sure to change. Then you will realize why you’ve been feeling stagnant all along.


Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure

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The world is so consumed with unpredictability that plans and strategies alone won’t suffice. Harford combines psychology, economics, physics and even biology to help you develop the trait that will help you thrive — adaptability. Whether it’s to tackle global warming or starvation, Harford’s Adapt holds the key to overcoming the challenges you will face.


Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time

Authors: Brigid Schulte


Juggling work, parenting and personal space can get very overwhelming. In order to find the true meaning of happiness, Brigid Schulte, a career-oriented mother, undertook a journey around the world and met with countless numbers of people of every age and career. The pages of this profound book reveal everything she learned during this journey.