Mental Traps: The Overthinker’s Guide to a Happier Life

Mental Traps

Authors: Andre Kukla,

Andre Kukla reveals some mental traps and how they sabotage most of our life. For example, excessive worry about the future at the expense of the present and overthinking about events in life that are beyond our control. He helps you get out of these traps so you can experience what he calls “a liberated consciousness” where you feel genuine freedom in life.

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The Magic of thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big

Authors: David J. Schwartz,

If you want to have a big impact in the world, you really don’t need much intellect or skill. But you do need to think big and then devise a plan to make those dreams come true. When you believe in yourself and in your dreams you will experience success in every aspect of your life, from your marriage to your career.

The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

Authors: Meik Wiking,

The CEO of the Happiness Research Institute of Copenhagen finally reveals why Danish people are so happy. And it’s because of “hygge” (pronounced hoo-ga). Hygge is a feeling of comfort, togetherness and wellbeing. In this book, Wiking shows you how you can develop hygge, in ways like eating cake and lighting candles, to make your life more fulfilling.

The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking

Authors: Edward B. Burger,Michael Starbird

Intelligent people don’t have a natural talent. They just make better use of their minds. The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking reveals the techniques that can be used to think differently and put creativity to it’s best use. The strategies outlined in this book will change how you perceive everyday information and open doors to opportunities you never knew existed in your life!