Nail It Then Scale It

Nail It Then Scale It

Authors: Nathan Furr,Paul Ahlstrom

Using examples like Edison and Jobs, Nathan Furr teaches the reader that doing the right thing is pointless when it is done in the wrong order. He also shares useful tips that will guide your venture to a sure success using tried & tested patterns and principles that some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs employ.

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Quotes & Tips from Nail It Then Scale It

Pursuing a rapid experiment and finding out you were wrong and changing directions isn’t failure. That is the road to success

Entrepreneurs innovate, customers validate

The entrepreneurs who lack the resolve to run the NISI process properly usually fall into three buckets—models, packrats, and junkies.

Focus is the key to successfully running the NISI process and success as an entrepreneur.

At the heart of it, to be a successful entrepreneur you have to learn to change and adapt.

Product Offering
Simplifying the product offering doesn’t mean that you are taking away the customer’s choice; rather it sends the message that you know the customers so well that you are delivering the exact solution they are looking for

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