Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement

Unlimited Power

Authors: Anthony Robbins,Kenneth H. Blanchard, Jason Winters


He taught state leaders, royalty and Olympians. Now, he is ready to teach you about the mind blowing power of the mind. Discover the seven lies of success, what you really want in your life, how to get over fears, the five keys of wealth and happiness and how you can emulate the success of the people around you.

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Quotes & Tips from Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins

Other People’s Influence

You shape your perceptions, or someone shapes them for you. You do what you want to do, or you respond to someone else’s plan for you.

Belief & Perceptions

The birth of excellence begins with our awareness that our beliefs are a choice. We usually don’t think of it that way, but belief can be a conscious choice. You can choose beliefs that limit you, or you can choose beliefs that support you. The trick is to choose the beliefs that are conducive to success and the results you want and to discard the ones that hold you back.


Action is what unites every great success. Action is what produces results. Knowledge is only potential power until it comes into the hands of someone who knows how to get himself to take effective action. In fact, the literal definition of the word “power” is “the ability to act.” 

Our thoughts shape our reality

The world we live in is the world we choose to live in, whether consciously or unconsciously. If we choose bliss, that’s what we get. If we choose misery, we get that, too.

How you feel is not the result of what is happening in your life—it is your interpretation of what is happening.

What we believe to be true, what we believe is possible, becomes what’s true, becomes what’s possible.


Success is simple. First, you decide what you want specifically; and second, you decide you’re willing to pay the price to make it happen—and then pay that price.

People who consistently succeed are those who can commit all of their resources, mental and physical, to work together toward achieving a task.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail isn’t what they have—it’s what they choose to see and do with their resources and their experience of life.

Successful people’s lives have shown us over and over again that the quality of our lives is determined not by what happens to us, but rather by what we do about what happens.

Tony Robbins – Author, Motivational Coach – Unlimited Power / Awaken the Giant Within / Money – Master the Game

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