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Digital Marketing - 1000 true fans

‘1000 true fans’ is a concept that explains why it is not essential to be famous and have a huge following to earn a successful living working on your passion. In fact, all you need are a much smaller set of passionate fans (1000 for example), who become your marketing evangelists and core customers.

1000 True Fans – The original blog post

Kevin Kelly is the brainchild of the ‘1000 true fan’ concept, which he explained in the now legendary blog post – 1000 true fans.

The core concept of 1000 true fans, is that it is not essential to be famous and have a huge following to create a successful business. If you manage to build a loyal set of true fans, you can create a successful business / income, with a much smaller set of customers / followers.

A true fan is someone who will buy literally anything that you come out with, and become a steady stream of income for you. You can determine the number of true fans you require, by dividing your desired annual income by the average income you expect to be able to generate from a person who is a strong follower of your work.

A few fanatical customer advocates are worth more than hundreds or even thousands of casual signups. Fanatical users will supply word-of-mouth growth, while providing the necessary feedback to iterate on the product. Do you have at least twenty fanatical users or a plan to get them?

Cliff Lerner – Tech Entrepreneur / Author – Explosive Growth

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Videos on 1000 True Fans

How to Create Content That Sustains a Career | Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferris discusses what goes behind creating content that is capable of sustaining a career, including the concept & relevance of 1000 true fans, the importance of your enjoying the content creation process and whether you are in it for the long-haul.

1000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly – Animated Summary

A short animated video that explains the concept of 1000 true fans – what they are and how it is possible to make a living by having just 1000 true fans. This concept is important, since it disproves the wrongly held notion that you have to be famous and have hundreds of thousands of followers to make a living by following your passion. All you need is a 1000 true fans.

HOW TO GAIN 1000 TRUE FANS – Kevin Kelly on London Real

An interview with Kevin Kelly, the author of the legendary 1000 true fan blog article, that describes why you don’t need to be famous to make a living online following your passion. All you need is a 1000 true fans.

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