Comfort Zone

comfort zone

In your comfort zone, things feel familiar, comfortable and in control. This zone is associated with a steady level of performance. However for you to move ahead in life, you need to learn and experience new things, which involves moving out of your comfort zone. While this may not be comfortable, it is the only way to progress.

Advice from Masters – Quotes & Tips for stepping out of your Comfort Zone

Success quote by Stephen R. Covey - To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you need to start doing things you’ve never done before.

Why is acting in spite of discomfort so important? Because “comfortable” is where you’re at now. If you want to move to a new level in your life, you must break through your comfort zone and practice doing things that are not comfortable

Harv Eker – Money Coach, Author – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Success quote by Sunil Saxena - Truth is that few people embrace the deliberate practice of getting out of their comfort zone, and that’s exactly why few people succeed at a high level in life.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone to be extraordinary is where the magic happens. If you think you’re going to be very comfortable while you achieve great success, think again. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, accepting uncertainty and discomfort is a hallmark of a high achiever. High achievers are always challenging the system, receiving negative feedback, and being put in uncomfortable situations. If that’s not your cup of tea, then Massive Action will not help.

Sunil Saxena – Author – Massive Action equals Massive Results

Top Books to get out of Your Comfort Zone

Other concepts on Success


Whenever you try to do anything of importance, you will always stumble upon people waiting to tell you why it cannot be done. Often, these people are the ones closest to us, including our close friends and family. To succeed in any venture, you have to learn to disregard the inevitable negative voice of critics and forge ahead on your own path.

Success - Mastermind


A mastermind is a group of people, who meet to share knowledge, skills and resources, to work towards a common purpose. While the core concept of a mastermind is linked to a very focused and structured group, we focus more on a broader understanding – how to surround yourselves with people that are valuable influences on your life.

Happiness - Desires / Expectations

Success Mindset

Why do some people seem to constantly manage to succeed, while others fail despite a lot of work put in? The answers lies in the success mindset. People who succeed think, act and behave in a manner that differentiates them from the others, and this mindset is the secret key to their success.

Sucess - Opportunities vs Obstacles

Opportunities vs Obstacles

While the unsuccessful see obstacles as barriers to the way to success and a reason to quit, the successful often see these as opportunities for further learning, greater profit or lower competition. Successful people have a ‘can-do’ attitude and don’t let obstacles come in the way.