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Dealing with Issues - Disolve Issue Through Awareness

Awareness has amazing psychological, therapeutic and even physical healing powers. A large number of our issues originate from our minds. By increasing our awareness of our thoughts, we gain invaluable perspective into the root cause of our issues, helping us deal with these issues at a fundamental level.

Advice from Masters: Quotes & Tips on Dissolving Issues through Awareness

Dealing With Issues quote by Eckhart Tolle - Identification with the mind gives it more energy; observation of the mind withdraws energy from it.

Intense presence is needed when certain situations trigger a reaction with a strong emotional charge, such as when your self-image is threatened, a challenge comes into your life that triggers fear, things “go wrong,” or an emotional complex from the past is brought up. In those instances, the tendency is for you to become “unconscious.” The reaction or emotion takes you over — you “become” it. You act it out. You justify, make wrong, attack, defend. . .except that it isn’t you, it’s the reactive pattern, the mind in its habitual survival mode. 

“Everything is shown up by being exposed to the light, and whatever is exposed to the light itself becomes light.” Just as you cannot fight the darkness, you cannot fight the pain-body. Trying to do so would create inner conflict and thus further pain. Watching it is enough.

If you are able to stay alert and present at that time and watch whatever you feel within, rather than be taken over by it, it affords an opportunity for the most powerful spiritual practice, and a rapid transmutation of all past pain becomes possible 

Eckhart Tolle – Spiritual Teacher, Author – Power of Now / A New Earth / Practicing the Power of Now

Even with negative emotions, do this. When you are angry, do not be centered on the person who has aroused it. Let him be on the periphery. You just become anger. Feel anger in its totality; allow it to happen within.

If you suppress, you will create more disturbance. If the anger is there and an effort to suppress is there, it will double the disturbance. When anger is there, close your doors, meditate on the anger, allow the anger to be. You remain undisturbed, and don’t suppress it.

But it will be difficult because when you become disturbed, you forget everything. You may forget that you have to meditate. Then try it in this way: don’t wait for the moment when anger happens to you. Don’t wait for that moment! Just close the door to your room, and think of some past experience of anger when you went mad. Remember it, and re-enact it. That will be easy for you. Re-enact it again; do it again; relive it. Don’t just remember it: relive it.

Everyone has scars in his mind, unhealed wounds. If you re-enact them, you will be unburdened. If you can go to your past and do something which has remained incomplete, you will be unburdened from your past. Your mind will become fresher; the dust will be thrown away.

In the inner sky an anger cloud moves—watch it. See what it is. Look deep into it. Try to understand it, and you will find there is a chain: The anger cloud disappears, but because you looked deeply into it, something else has been found—maybe ego was hurt, that’s why you become angry. Now watch this ego cloud, which is more subtle. Go on watching it. Get deep into it.

Osho – Spiritual Teacher – Meditation: The 1st & Last Freedom / The Book of Secrets

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