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The practice of Journaling (writing your thoughts into a diary on a daily basis) has been proven to be of tremendous value in helping you reach your goals, change behavior, clear your mind and deal with a range of negative issues. A simple daily habit, that can truly transform your life.

Just as breathing exercises help integrate body and mind, writing is a kind of psycho-neural muscular activity which helps bridge and integrate the conscious and subconscious minds. Writing distills, crystallizes, and clarifies thought and helps break the whole into parts.

Stephen Covey – Author – 7 habits of Highly Effective People / The 8th Habit / First Things First

Benefits of journaling

  • It’s a new beginning: fresh blank pages in front of you, helps you focus on how you want your life to unfold 
  • Digging deep: since it is your personal journal with no one to judge you, you can go into your deepest feelings. You may discover solutions while writing down that you had not realized existed earlier 
  • Learn more about yourself: will help you focus on positives, get perspective to your fears & negative thoughts, understand your strengths
  • Break from current life situations: your journal is a blank slate … you can go to places you wish to go to 
  • Helps improve your health: by lowering your stress.. 

Journaling Guides

Journaling Guides are pretty useful to motivate and inspire you in your journaling practice. These are high quality journals that allow you to note down your thoughts, even as they inspire you to keep going on. We have put together a list of some of the top journals available on amazon

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The Ultimate Benefits of Writing a Journal

Journal writing serves as an outlet where you can write down anything you want, and completely release all the pain, anger, sadness and other negative emotions inside you

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Affirmations - Energy


Everything, including ourselves, is energy. Being energy, we vibrate at a particular frequency, that is determined by our thoughts, feelings and emotions. This frequency attracts things (people, situations, results) that also operate at a similar frequency. By learning to control your energy, you can control what you attract to yourself.

dominate dont compete

Dominate – Don’t Compete

People who truly succeed big, never try to compete – they choose instead to dominate their particular niche and become known as  the ‘go-to’ person or company for those specific requirements. Domination allows you to never have to compete on price, not get involved in feature wars and bring along free marketing.

Life Purpose - The Right Road

The Right Road

We often get so caught up in doing, that we forget to check if what we are doing is really helping us proceed to our desired goals or destinations. While action is important, it is critical that the action is something that it taking you closer to (and not further away) from your desired goals. Are you on the right road?

Goals - Goal Planning

Goal Planning – Planning, Your Vision & Reviews

One you have settled upon your desired goal, it is essential that you create a clear plan, the provide you visibility of the steps that you need to take to help you achieve your goal. Planning how to reach your goal, is the immediate next step post your having established what your goals are.