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We often place much greater importance to things, than they really deserve. By practicing the art of letting go, we gain a great degree of freedom from thoughts, emotions and things that prevent us from realizing our true selves.

Advice from Masters – Quotes & Tips on Letting Go

Dealing With Issues quote by Om Swami - Tyāga in Sanskrit. It means to let go, to give up, to renounce, to detach, to set (yourself) free from the attachment to the object. The practice of tyaga is a powerful one and the effect is profound. It is capable of igniting a radical transformation in you.

Stop Clinging: Everywhere we turn we are faced with impermanence….The more we cling – of course – the more pain we feel as things fade, disappear, die around us….And sometimes the more we cling, the more these things happen. The key to being able to let go of all the stuff you’re holding on to is knowing that you’ll be okay if you don’t have it. And that’s the truth. You can survive with very little. And though the passing of people and things can be painful, you will survive.

The problem with Plans: The problem with a plan is that you fill up the blank page of a new day with a ‘to-do‘ list before you get there. And if you’re not careful there’s no room for anything else. A plan, especially a very focused one, narrows down the possibilities of the future to just a couple of things: that things either go to plan, or they don’t.

Freedom of Letting Go: And that’s what F**k It does. Sometimes things feel as if they’re just too painful to bear. And some part of you just gives up caring. The thing that mattered so much, somehow doesn’t matter any more. And the freedom that comes from that is a blast and a half.

So just say F**k It to it all. Just do what the hell you want.

John C. Parkin – Author – F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Let go of time: Let go of anticipating the next moment, trying to control it, trying to hang on to the moment that has just passed. Let go clinging to what has just occurred. Let go trying to control what you think is about to occur. Then you live in an infinite space of non-time and non-event. There is an infinite peace beyond description. And you are home.

Stop hanging onto pain: We hang on to pain. It certainly satisfies our unconscious need for the alleviation of guilt through punishment. We get to feel miserable and rotten. The question then arises, “But for how long?”

In any situation which involves suffering, we have to ask ourselves: “How long am I willing to pay the cost? What were the karmic propensities to begin with? How much blame is enough? Is there a time to call an end to it? How long will I hang on to it? How much sacrifice am I willing to pay to the other person for their wrongs, real or imaginary? How much guilt is enough? How much self-punishment is enough? When will I give up the secret pleasure of the self-punishment? When does the sentence come to an end?” When we really examine it, we will always find that we have been punishing ourselves for ignorance, naïveté, innocence, and lack of inner education. 

Frantic activities: People are terrified of facing themselves. They dread even a moment of aloneness. Thus the constant frantic activities: the endless socializing, talking, texting, reading, music playing, working, traveling, sightseeing, shopping, overeating, gambling, movie-going, pill-taking, drug-using, and cocktail-partying. Many of the foregoing mechanisms of escape are faulty, stressful, and ineffective.

David R. Hawkins – Author – Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender
Happiness quote by Om Swami - Nearly everybody is rushing to get somewhere. And when they get to their destination, they don’t like where they are
Happiness quote by Om Swami - It’s incredible how much garbage we keep within us.

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