Massive Action

To achieve extraordinary levels of success in your life, it is essential that you are prepared to take Massive Action and operate at levels of action that are far beyond average. Massive Action creates a momentum of it’s own, that makes virtually anything achievable.

10x activity: I see that the one thing that was most consistent with any success I’ve achieved was that I always put forth 10 times the amount of activity that others did. Regardless of the goal you are striving to accomplish, you will be required to think differently, embrace a die-hard level of commitment, and take massive amounts of action at 10 times the levels you think necessary

Never reduce a target. Instead, increase actions. The 10X Rule assumes the target is never the problem. Any target attacked with the right actions in the right amounts with persistence is attainable. Tackle your project with the 10X Rule—like your life depends on it.

4 degrees of action: Four simple categories or degrees of action. (1) Do nothing. (2) Retreat. (3) Take normal levels of action. (4) Take massive action. Nothing happens without action. You will be amazed how much you can get done when you quit thinking, calculating, and procrastinating and just get on with it and make a habit of acting now.

Massive action: If I get 15 phone calls done in 15 minutes and you get 15 calls done in one hour, then I have essentially created 45 minutes for myself. In this way, the 10X Rule makes it possible to multiply time.The first thing you have to do is burst through obscurity and let the world know what you can do for it—and then do it relentlessly. You must first make a vow to have your brand, idea, concept, company, product, or service make a footprint on the planet. I personally recorded more than 200 videos, wrote 150 blogs and articles, and did 700 radio interviews in 18 months.

Postpone celebrations: The time to celebrate or take vacations will come. Right now, you must keep adding wood until the fire is burning so hot that no one—and nothing—can put out your successes.

Grant Cardone – Author – The 10x rule / Sell or Be Sold

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”

Tony Robbins – Life Coach, Author – Awaken the Giant Within / Unlimited Power

Massive Action: You cannot control the outcome of a certain event. You can, however, push as hard as possible on something you do have the ability to control: yourself. When you focus your actions on things you can control, and do so over a long period of time, you will see extraordinary results. You will almost certainly accomplish your loftiest goals. Massive Action is a mindset and a lifestyle. Without it, true success is not possible—but with it, anything is.

Sunil Saxena – Author – Massive Action equals Massive Results

Top Books on Massive Action

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Other concepts on Action

What prevents action?

What prevents us from taking action? Perfectionism, distractions and waiting for the right conditions are common reasons, but the foremost reason is fear of failure. It is essential that you learn to confront and tackle your fears if you wish to gain success. It is not that successful people are not afraid, they just don’t let fear come in the way of their actions.

The Benefits of Action

Without action we will never be able to achieve anything. There are numerous benefits to action, including it helping us confront our fears, adding value to our ideas and increasing the chances of our success.