Negativity is the polar opposite of positive thinking. It’s a tendency to focus on negative thoughts – the problems, the obstacles, their failures, the situation and so on. Negativity leads to problems where others see solutions and an inability to accomplish anything in life, due to all the reasons why it cannot be done.

Advice from Masters – Quotes & Tips on Negativity

Thinking quote by Albert Einstein - Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.

Mental Monsters: A person can make a mental monster out of almost any unpleasant happening, Don’t build mental monsters. Refuse to withdraw the unpleasant thoughts from your memory bank.

David J Schwartz – The Magic of Thinking Big

When you are complaining, you become a living, breathing “crap magnet.”

From now on, as you hear yourself disastrously blaming, justifying, or complaining, cease and desist immediately. Remind yourself that you are creating your life and that at every moment you will be attracting either success or crap into your life. It is imperative you choose your thoughts and words wisely!

Harv Eker – Money Coach, Author – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

If in our thoughts we constantly fix attention upon sinister expectations of dire events that might happen, the result will be constantly to feel insecure. And what is even more serious is the tendency to create, by the power of thought, the very condition we fear.

Norman Vincent Peale – Author – The Power of Positive Thinking

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Videos – Negative Thinking

Tony Robbins on How to Break Your Negative Thinking

Tony Robbins explains the linkage between negative emotions, targets that cause them, the actions we need to take to achieve those targets and how this is all impacted by our mental state. By using the power of ‘power poses’ and changing our ‘focus’, we have the ability to change our mental state, actions and results, helping us deal with our anxiety.

Other concepts on Thinking

dominate dont compete

Dominate – Don’t Compete

People who truly succeed big, never try to compete – they choose instead to dominate their particular niche and become known as  the ‘go-to’ person or company for those specific requirements. Domination allows you to never have to compete on price, not get involved in feature wars and bring along free marketing.

The power of belief


You can never accomplish something, unless you believe. When you truly believe something to be true, you unleash a tremendous amount of creativity, motivation and energy that makes it easier for you to accomplish even the toughest of goals.



Paradigms are a standard, a perspective, concepts or a set of ideas that affect the way we perceive the world. Our reality is often based more on the paradigms that we have grown up with (based on our families, society and education), than fundamental reality itself with big implications for all self-improvement efforts.

Thinking Big

Thinking Big

If you wish to achieve large success, it is essential that you learn to think big. Too many people prefer to think small and focus on achievable goals, and miss out achieving anything big in life. On the other hands, people who think big, end up benefiting from lower competition, higher motivation and greater chances of success.