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Writing non-fiction is a different skill from writing fiction, and works most effectively when you focus on writing that can help a person achieve a desired outcome.

Advice from Masters: Quotes & Tips on Non-fiction Writing

Driver of Change: The Driver of Change (DoC) Model is a powerful way of thinking about your blog. Because when you think about everything you publish not simply as “content,” but as a catalyst for specific change, your approach to blogging will shift. Content should transform your readers. And that transformation should progress both you and your audience toward your respective goals.

Meera Kothand – Author – The One Hour Content Plan

Writing nonfiction is more like sculpture, a matter of shaping the research into the finished thing.

Joan Didion

In fiction, when you paint yourself into a corner, you can write a pair of suction cups onto the bottom of your shoes and walk up the wall and out the skylight and see the sun breaking through the clouds. In nonfiction, you don’t have that luxury.

Tom Robbins

Nonfiction means that are stories are as true and accurate as possible. Readers expect – demand – diligence.

Lee Gutkind

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