Opportunities vs Obstacles

Sucess - Opportunities vs Obstacles

While the unsuccessful see obstacles as barriers to the way to success and a reason to quit, the successful often see these as opportunities for further learning, greater profit or lower competition. Successful people have a ‘can-do’ attitude and don’t let obstacles come in the way.

Advice from Masters – Quotes & Tips on Opportunities vs Obstacles

Rich people believe that, if worse comes to worst, they can always make their money back.

Action always beats inaction. Rich people get started, They trust that once they get in the game, they can make intelligent decisions in the present moment, make corrections, and adjust their sails along the way.

Rich people see an opportunity, jump on it, and get even richer. As for poor people? They’re still preparing.

Rich people see opportunities. Poor people see obstacles. Rich people see potential growth. Poor people see potential loss. Rich people focus on the rewards. Poor people focus on the risks.

Harv Eker – Money Coach, Author – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Success quote by Grant Cardone  - At some point, you will have to take a risk, and the successful are willing to do so daily. Put it all out there and know, regardless of the outcome, that they can go back and do it again.

‘Can-do’ attitude: People with a “can do” attitude approach every situation with the outlook that no matter what, it can be done. They consistently use phrases like “We can do it,” “Let’s make it happen,” “Let’s work it out”—and they always maintain that a solution exists.

Challenges as opportunities: Successful people see all situations—even problems and complaints—as opportunities. Whereas many people loathe challenges—and use them as reasons to sink further into indifference—highly successful individuals are compelled and invigorated by challenges

Grant Cardone – Author – The 10x rule / Sell or Be Sold

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The road to success is filled with obstacles, uncertainty and failure. These 10 books will help equip you to better deal with such barriers and continue onwards towards fulfilling your goals.

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