Owning vs Running a Business

Passive Income - Owning vs running a business

When you run a business, the business is dependent on your presence to run. When you own a business, the business will function and generate profits regardless of your presence. The vast majority or entrepreneurs both own & run their business, making their business nothing much more than a glorified and highly lucrative job. To experience true freedom, you need to learn to own a business that is built to be able to operate without you.

Work on Your Business, Not in Your Business: If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job.

The unfortunate reality for millions of entrepreneurs is that their business depends on them way too much. You know the type, and perhaps that type describes you. They are often overwhelmed with their business, doing everything from their own taxes to taking out the trash.

Doing everything in your business yourself leads to a quick burnout, and the activity prevents you from executing your role as an entrepreneur: working on your business, not in it.

Before you even start your business, focus on planning how to get rid of yourself.

If you desire to pass the primary level of self-employment and reach the upper echelons of entrepreneurship, learn to delegate quickly. Otherwise, your chances of growth are limited significantly. If you want guaranteed, limited growth, you might as well get a job

Build a Company That Is Systems-Dependent, Not People-Dependent

Kevin Johnson – Entrepreneur, Author – The Entrepreneur Mind

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