Success Mindset

Happiness - Desires / Expectations

Why do some people seem to constantly manage to succeed, while others fail despite a lot of work put in? The answers lies in the success mindset. People who succeed think, act and behave in a manner that differentiates them from the others, and this mindset is the secret key to their success.

Advice from Masters: Quotes & Tips on developing a Success Mindset

Success as a Birthright

Think differently: Successful people talk, think, and approach situations, challenges, and problems differently than most people—and they definitely think about money differently

Treat success as your right: One of the greatest turning points in my life occurred when I stopped casually waiting for success and instead started to approach it as a duty, obligation, and responsibility. I literally began to see success as an ethical issue—a duty to my family, company, and future If you are able to repeatedly attain success, it becomes less of a “success” and more of a habit—almost everyday life for some people.

Because successful individuals approach success as a duty, obligation, and responsibility—and even a right! Success comes about as a result of mental and spiritual claims to own it, followed by taking necessary actions over time until it is acquired.

Grant Cardone – Author – The 10x rule / Sell or Be Sold

Live & breathe success: This group, maybe 2 or 3 percent of the total, doesn’t let pessimism dictate, doesn’t believe in surrendering to suppressive forces, doesn’t believe in crawling. Instead, these people live and breathe success. This group is the happiest because it accomplishes the most. These people become top salesmen, top executives, top leaders in their respective fields. These people find life stimulating, rewarding, worthwhile. These people look forward to each new day, each new encounter with other people, as adventures to be lived fully.

David J Schwartz – The Magic of Thinking Big

Willing to do whatever it takes

Success is simple. First, you decide what you want specifically; and second, you decide you’re willing to pay the price to make it happen—and then pay that price.

People who consistently succeed are those who can commit all of their resources, mental and physical, to work together toward achieving a task.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail isn’t what they have—it’s what they choose to see and do with their resources and their experience of life.

Successful people’s lives have shown us over and over again that the quality of our lives is determined not by what happens to us, but rather by what we do about what happens.

Tony Robbins – Author, Motivational Coach – Unlimited Power / Awaken the Giant Within / Money – Master the Game

Avoid Excuses

Success quote by David J Schwartz - Cure yourself of Excusitis, the failure disease. Study the lives of successful people and you’ll discover this: all the excuses made by the mediocre fellow could be but aren’t made by the successful person

Assume Control: Crybabies, whiners, and victims just don’t do well at attracting or creating success. Assume control and increase responsibility by adopting the position that you make all things happen, even those things you have previously considered to not be under your control.

Grant Cardone – Author – The 10x rule / Sell or Be Sold

Top 5 Books to help you develop a Success Mindset

Arguably, the most important ingredient for success is to have the correct mindset – a mindset geared for success. This is something that can be learnt, practised and embodied. These books will show you how.

Other concepts on Success

comfort zone

Comfort Zone

In your comfort zone, things feel familiar, comfortable and in control. This zone is associated with a steady level of performance. However for you to move ahead in life, you need to learn and experience new things, which involves moving out of your comfort zone. While this may not be comfortable, it is the only way to progress.

Success - Mastermind


A mastermind is a group of people, who meet to share knowledge, skills and resources, to work towards a common purpose. While the core concept of a mastermind is linked to a very focused and structured group, we focus more on a broader understanding – how to surround yourselves with people that are valuable influences on your life.

dominate dont compete

Dominate – Don’t Compete

People who truly succeed big, never try to compete – they choose instead to dominate their particular niche and become known as  the ‘go-to’ person or company for those specific requirements. Domination allows you to never have to compete on price, not get involved in feature wars and bring along free marketing.

Sucess - Opportunities vs Obstacles

Opportunities vs Obstacles

While the unsuccessful see obstacles as barriers to the way to success and a reason to quit, the successful often see these as opportunities for further learning, greater profit or lower competition. Successful people have a ‘can-do’ attitude and don’t let obstacles come in the way.