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Often there can be significant differences between our perceptions of what our customers want, and what our customers truly want. Gut and Instinct are often poor predictors of actual consumer demand, as are the encouraging words of our close friends and family. Before you invest significant time, energy and money into developing a product, it is essential that you actually test if people will buy what you are creating.

Advice from the Masters – Test Marketing

Saying they will buy is not the same as actually Buying

Don’t use intuition: The moral is that intuition and experience are poor predictors of which products and businesses will be profitable.

Intent vs action: To get an accurate indicator of commercial viability, don’t ask people if they would buy – ask them to buy. There is a large difference between intent and action. 

Tim Ferris – Author – 4-hour workweek / Tools of Titans / Tribe of Mentors

Saying is not the same as paying! You’ll never have real market verification until customers give you their money for your product.

Lack of market verification; saying is not the same as paying!: You’ll never have real market verification until customers give you their money for your product.

Why should you develop products or services that customers won’t buy? Why should you risk creating a non-profitable business?

One of the major mistakes early stage startups often make is not seeing the difference between customer talk and action. What your customers say and what they eventually do is far not always the same.

Donatas Donikar – Author – Start-up Evolution Curve

Use Minimum Viable Products to Test your Idea

Minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a new product that allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least amount of effort (Eric Ries, 2011).

Main reasons why most startups fail: they build products nobody wants to buy.

Validate the price of the solution you intend to deliver: One of the cheapest and most effective experiments is to try and sell your product online even if you don’t have a product yet! Create a website, upload design mockups of your product to eBay or any other platform, create a Kickstarter campaign, drive traffic to this offer, and check how many visitors will add your product to the cart. Once they click to “add to cart” or “buy now,” you can politely make an excuse and explain that product is currently unavailable. You could even suggest potential customers leave their email address if they would like to be notified once the product is available.

Donatas Donikar – Author – Start-up Evolution Curve

Learn how to validate an idea with as little time and financial investment as possible. Do you have a plan to validate your ideas cheaply?

Perfect is the enemy of shipped. Creating the perfect feature indicates making lots of assumptions without gathering user feedback and data, and will take significantly more time. Are you continuing to work on features that are polished enough to put in front of a few customers now and get feedback? 

Cliff Lerner – Tech Entrepreneur / Author – Explosive Growth

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Create Value

All business and professions are about one thing – creating value for someone else. When you are able to create value for someone, you can expect to be paid for it. The more value you can create, the more you will earn. Focus on creating value and you will have a valuable enterprise.

dominate dont compete

Dominate – Don’t Compete

People who truly succeed big, never try to compete – they choose instead to dominate their particular niche and become known as  the ‘go-to’ person or company for those specific requirements. Domination allows you to never have to compete on price, not get involved in feature wars and bring along free marketing.

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A niche denotes products, services or interests that have a high appeal to a select smaller group of people, as compared to the general populace. By laser focusing your services and communication to the needs of this smaller group, you can gain much higher relevance than trying to target everybody.

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1000 True Fans

‘1000 true fans’ is a concept that explains why it is not essential to be famous and have a huge following to earn a successful living working on your passion. In fact, all you need are a much smaller set of passionate fans (1000 for example), who become your marketing evangelists and core customers.