What is meditation?

Meditation & Mindfulness - What is meditation?

Meditation means different things for different people. For some, it is a technique, while for others meditation is a way of life. Is it a return to your true nature, a focus on your inner rather than your outward world, a way to relax and gain peace or the ability to sit and do nothing at all. What’s your answer?

Advice from Masters – Quotes & Tips on What is Meditation

Meditation & Mindfulness quote by Om Swami - meditation is the art of doing nothing.It takes a great deal of practice to teach your mind to be alert and yet do nothing.

Meditation is going home: Meditation is going home. It is going back to your source, where you belong, so that you are no longer what people tell you who you are, or what the world has made you to believe, or even what you think of yourself.

It is to discover your original home, without the furniture of jealousy, covetousness, envy, hatred. A home with no walls of ego and anger. A place where your soul rests in peace, where consciousness flows unimpeded like the gentle Ganges murmuring on a sunny day.

Silence & presence of the mind: Ultimately, meditation is silence and presence of the mind. When your mind is at once silent and present, you are deep in meditation.

Om Swami – Spiritual Monk, Author – If Truth Be Told / A Million Thoughts

Meditation in its essence is the art of being aware—aware of what is going on inside you and around you. Meditation is just to be, not doing anything—no action, no thought, no emotion.

Meditation: Sitting and doing nothing—not with your body, not with your mind. Once you start doing something either you go into contemplation or you go into concentration, or you go into action, but you move away from your center. When you are not doing anything at all—bodily, mentally, on no level—when all activity has ceased and you simply are, just being, that’s what meditation is. You cannot do it, you cannot practice it; you have only to understand it.

Osho – Spiritual Teacher – Meditation: The 1st & Last Freedom / The Book of Secrets

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Other concepts on Meditation & Mindfulness

Dealing with Issues - Letting Go

Letting Go

We often place much greater importance to things, than they really deserve. By practicing the art of letting go, we gain a great degree of freedom from thoughts, emotions and things that prevent us from realizing our true selves.

Mediation & Mindulness - Elements of Good Meditation

Elements for Good Meditation

Meditating can be challenging, especially in the initial stages. To become good at meditation, there are a number of elements that are important to keep in mind including – the importance of a good posture, your mindset, your meditative space and how to deal with the various impediments that you experience while meditating.

Meditation & Mindulness - Our Minds

Our Minds

We like to think that we are in control of our minds, but in reality it is our minds that are in control of us. By indulging in an incessant stream of positive or negative thoughts, and jumping between the past and the future, our minds never allow us to completely relax and enjoy the beauty of the present moment – the only true thing there is.

Meditation & Mindfulness - Ego


Your ego is your self-perception of who you are. It spans both your conscious and subconscious minds, and consists our deepest beliefs, our personality traits and our views of the world. Our ego’s are what leads to a perception of ‘this is me’ and ‘this is not me’.