Mastery Quadrant #1 – Mindset

The right mindset is an absolute MUST-HAVE, if you need to succeed in anything that you do. Not only is Mindset the first of the four Mastery quadrants, it is the very foundation that determines the intensity of everything that you subsequently do. The following are some of the most important ingredients in gaining the right mindset.

Your What & Your Why

 If you truly want to succeed, it is very important that you spend as much time as is required to get the right answers to these 2 simple, yet very important questions. :

  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Why are you trying to it?

Anyone who has ever gained true mastery had a very clear answer to both of these questions. If your goal is not clear enough or your reason/drive for accomplishing that goal is not strong enough, you will never gain true mastery. This is simply because the process of gaining mastery or expertise, requires a level of dedication or commitment, that is virtually impossible unless there is a strong burning desire.

But when you know exactly what you want and exactly why you want it, it helps provide the direction and level of motivation required to help ensure that you remain (a) on the right path and with (b) the required level of momentum to help you reach where you desire to go. 

There are methods and techniques to help you answer your what and whys – some of these are available in the following sections of the site (MQ #Life Purpose / MQ #Goals). Use what works best for you, but make sure that you have clearly defined your what and why before you commit to any goal.

Your attitude

The right attitude helps you cover the long distances required in your journey to eventual success, with relative ease.

People with a positive attitude, have an inherent ability to see the good in any situation, an invaluable trait that significantly eases the obstacles you are sure to face in your journey. Learn more about how you too can develop a positive mindset at MQ #PostitiveThinking.

It’s not just about positive thinking. There are various aspects about how we think, that can help improve our chances of success. From learning how not to worry, using your strengths, the benefits of thinking big, better understanding how our minds work and more – learn to use your thinking to your advantage at MQ #Thinking.

How important is the skill you are trying to pick up?

Not all skills are of equal value, and the value of a particular skill is entirely dependent on the particular person or situation.

Before you take any step towards starting to learn something new, it is very important to define precisely the importance of this particular skill in your life and how much of a difference it would make if you could become an expert versus being ‘good-enough’ at this particular activity. Specifically, would it be (examples given are only indicative)

  • Life-transformational?: examples could be skills that can significantly boost your earnings power (skills directly linked to your profession, marketing & sales skills for your business), allow you to pursue a new career (a job you always desired, the ability to start your own business) or perhaps the ability to transform you as a person (get out of chronic depression, resolve serious personality issues)
  • Great to have: while not necessarily life-transformational per se, this is something which would lead to a significant improvement in the quality of your life. This may include improving your abilities to get ahead in your career / business (e.g. mastering the use of excel, getting better at presentations / public speaking, improving your networking skills), the learning of a new hobby or personal changes to improve the quality of your life (e.g. learning to meditate, letting go of an addiction, changing a habit)
  • Good to have: something that would improve your life in a way that is meaningful for you. The examples are similar to those mentioned in ‘great to have’, the difference really lies in the magnitude of the life-improvement, that particular skill would have for you.
  • Anything less: why bother learning anything that will not improve your life in a meaningful way. While it sounds funny to have this category, a large number of people actually spend a lot of their very precious ‘learning time’, ‘dabbling’ in things that caught their curiosity / interest.

The greater the importance of learning a skill, the greater should be the level of commitment and the amount of time & money spent in developing that skill. The reason that so many people struggle in life – is that this is very often not the case.

Most people spend more time ‘learning’ things on the bottom of the above list, rather than developing their ‘life-transformational’ and ‘great-to-have’ skills. This may be due to a lack of thinking strategically, the larger more important skills appearing too daunting or simply learning whatever is easiest available (as compared to what is the most important to learn).

Do not under-estimate the value of this step. Before you spend time trying to gain mastery in something, make sure it is something that will transform or at least significantly improve your life.

Your Commitment

It is easy to become ‘decent’ for most things, but gaining mastery is a different ballgame.  Gaining mastery will take more time than you expect. It will take more effort than you believe. The path will have greater obstacles that you had envisaged. And you will face failures that you need to overcome. 

There is a huge difference in level of commitment, and the true masters of the game are committed to the deepest levels. It is apparent in the hours they put in, the sacrifices they are willing to make, their level of obsession and in everything that they do.

Our sections on Dedication and Uncertainty & Failure, explains how you can build you levels of commitment to gain true mastery.

Get Inspired

The path to mastery can be long and arduous. Often, people closest to us can be the biggest naysayers and society often seems more primed for mediocrity than excellence.

Our sections on MQ #Biographies & MQ #InspirationalAndMotivational are there to help inspire you to stay committed to your path, by providing you insights into how people we look up to today, also once undertook a similar journey as you find yourself in today. MQ #Affirmations provides insights into why affirmations are own of the most powerful methods known, to help make our own subconscious this inspirational guiding source.

The next quadrant, deals with helping simplify complicated goals into more achievable sub-activities. Learn more at MQ #2 Deconstruct.