Personal Growth

Are there aspects of you, that you wish you could change? Do you know you can do better in life, but struggle with the change?

We all have habits we wish to change, problems that pull us down and aspects of our personality that may not be desirable. At MQ #PersonalGrowth learn how to become the ‘you’ you know you are meant to be.

There are numerous elements with relation to Personal Growth. These have been divided into separate categories to help you narrow down and focus on what is the most relevant for you. Simply click on the links below (or in the menu above), to navigate to the relevant sections.

Core Categories – Personal Growth

All of us desire happiness, yet most of us have little clue about what it takes. At MQ #Happiness, understand why happiness has little to do with your external circumstances and everything to do with your state of mind. The powerful insight – happiness can be learnt!

At MQ #Meditation&Mindfulness, discover how meditation and other mindfullness practices have the power to transform your life, and can help you remain peaceful and calm regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

At MQ #Spirituality learn how you are connected to something much bigger than yourself, go on a journey to discover the purpose of your life and understand why the answer to true happiness, peace and contentment lies within yourself as compared to anything external.

Develop a stronger personality at MQ #Personality, by learning how small changes in your behaviour, in your body language and the way you carry yourself can transform how people perceive you.

So much of what we do involves other people, that being good with people and good at networking are foundational blocks of personal success. At MQ #Networking&Communication, learn simple ways with which you can improve how you communicate with people – no matter who they are.

Success! It’s a wonderful word, a wonderful feeling and a wonderful way to live. At MQ #Success, we help show you how it is not luck, but rather the correct mindset followed by deliberate action, that can help anyone achieve the success they desire.

Our habits define who we are. The wrong habits act as barriers, while the right habits are accelerators on our road to success. At MQ #Habit, discover how it is easier than you think, to replace your bad habits with habits that will help you succeed.

At MQ #DealingWithIssues, learn how to harness the power of our minds to help you overcome the worst issues that continue to hold you back. We often struggle to let go of negativity, because we use faulty methods. Positive change is easy, when done the right way!

At MQ #Minimalism, learn the tremendous empowerment of being able to let go of material things and how ‘less, not more’ may hold the secret to your happiness.

It’s time to change your thinking! At MQ #Women, learn how the most successful women have managed to succeed despite all obstacles, and how to shift your focus towards the advantages (rather than disadvantages) you have relative to men.