How to learn anything fast (The Tim Ferris Method)

Tim Ferris is renowned for being able to learn things very rapidly. His method focusses on the following (a) Deconstruction – break down the task, keeping the end in mind (b) 80:20 principle – focus on the 20% of learning that can lead to 80% of the skill (c) Sequencing – learning skills individually and in a correct sequence. (d) Stakes – to keep you accountable.

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The 5 hour rule

The 5-hour rule was Benjamin Franklin’s technique of keeping aside 1 hour every weekday for deliberate and focussed learning. Similar concepts are employed by virtually all of the top experts to ensure they are constantly learning and remain top of their game.

How to Learn Faster with the Feynman Technique

The Feynman Technique helps improve learning, by focusing on explaining concepts in simple language. It involves 4 steps – (1) Choose a concept (2) Explain the concept in a simple way (as if you were teaching a toddler) (3) Identify gaps and go back and review the source (4) Review and simplify further.

How To Learn Anything Faster – 5 Tips to Increase your Learning Speed

5 tips to help you learn better – (1) Deconstruct the skill and use the Pareto Principle (2) A laser focus and use the Pomodoro technique (3) Learn by Doing (4) Be Persistent (5) Get enough sleep.

The first 20 hours — how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman

Research shows that just 20 hours of focussed deliberate practice (rapid initial learning), can take you from knowing nothing to becoming pretty good at any new skill.  The following is important for this to work: Deconstructing the skills, Learn enough to self-correct, Remove practice barriers, Practice at least 20 hours.