Top 3 Qualities of the Most Successful Sales Professionals

Brian Tracy speaks of the common qualities of the most successful sales professionals: (1) Ambitious — want to be the very best and highest paid (2) Overcome Fears — especially the fear of rejection (3) Commit to success — a total dedication to success.

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The Key to Building An Online Audience | Gary Vee

Straight talk by Gary Vee at the VidSummit with relation to why people fail at building an online audience. The answer is simple – they are too selfish. The only way to truly build a valuable longer-term audience is to actually add value. This can be done by understanding your audience’s context and being willing to engage with your audience.

The Harvard Principles of Negotiation

Dr. Thomas Henschel explains Harvard’s 4 Principles of Negotiation: (1) Separate the person from the issue (2) Focus on the interests and not positions (3) Develop criteria that a solution must fulfill (4) Have different options to choose from.

8 Best Psychological Negotiation Tactics and Strategies – How to Haggle

8 strategies to help you negotiate better – (1) Do your research (2) Build rapport (3) Take time (4) Stand your ground and figure the seller’s incentives (5) Don’t name your price range (6) Silence is important (7) Positive body language (8) Ask for extras.